Online dating

There r so many apps in the App Store that u can buy that is for online dating. But why do people use these I mean in a month ur ganna end up complaining about it cuz u can’t find anyone. Hey wake up pull ur pants on and hold ur horses because the right person will walk into ur life when God wants them to.


What is love?

Love is a beautiful thing! But there is still yet a equation that lingers in my mind. What is love? What is anything?
From what I see love is something u fall into slowly but fall out a heck of a lot faster. But why? Because the person u fell in love with earthier isn’t what u fell in love with or the reach into ur chest and rip ur heart out. Love! What is it….


Lost love

How can life be any more difficult?! Last night we were fine today it’s a different story but why? For some reason your different. We can still be friends and date. We will always be friends no matter what! But this… This is how it ends how we end?! Your my crush the one I dream of the one I think of ever second of the day. But if you want to pause things okay. I just hope that we can be together again… Being best friends can make a good couple. If you love me as much as I love you then we will find our way back together. If we are meant to be it will be. I will never abandon our friendship ever no matter what.